Monday, September 1, 2014

End of a Summer Fun*

* and one not fun thing

Happy Labor Day!

We are having a quiet day at the park, trying not to be hot. It's been such a beautiful summer, weather wise. We've been spoiled by not humid, not too hot days. Yesterday Mother Nature must have thought we were not truly grateful, because she walloped us with a super hot, humid, sticky mess.

Here is what we've been up to:

Cleaning up the backyard. Sweep, hose, bag up rubble, repeat. Tomorrow a fence is going to start being installed. Hooray!

Block party face paint

Ice cream. LOTS and lots of ice cream

Back to school shopping. Me, Target, and three lists. It was awesome, only the opposite of that. 

Watching a crew cut down all the dead trees and vines around our house. This really was awesome.

Lily had her clogged ear tubes replaced. This was not fun, but quick and complication free. Boy did she yell bloody murder as the anesthesia wore off. That, coupled with her persistance in tearing every last bit of equipment off her, led to a speedy release from post-op. That afternoon, we were playing in the park.

This week marks our "back to school". For the record, Daniel starts 3rd grade,Lily will begin Pre-K, and I'll be starting my 16th year teaching. Yikes!

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