Monday, January 4, 2016

Easy Natural Hairstyle: Two Strand Twists

Lily and I have gotten a lot of compliments on her current hairstyle, so I thought I'd share a little tutorial. Here is how we create her lovely, bouncy two-strand twists. They are one of Lily's favorite styles, because they happily bounce and swing, but they don't get tangled up or pull her scalp at all. It's also easy for her to wear hats or helmets over them. Our "twisties" usually last about a week, possibly two if we are vigilant about wearing a cap at night and keeping them moisturized. 

As always, I'm indebted to all the mommas who taught me how to "do hair"... Check out "Chocolate Hair, Vanilla Care" for her beautiful twist styles!

How to Create Two-Strand Twists.

1. Start with freshly washed, detangled and moisturized hair. Right now we use Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose for Brittle hair as our daily conditioner, and Kinky Kurly Knot Today Conditioner as a leave-in detangler. (We usually watch a movie while we do hair. This style is about one Pixar movie long (90 minutes))

2. Section the hair off in 3 or 4 large pieces, according to where you might want to have parts or headbands. 

3. Take one small (an inch or so) section of hair, and comb it carefully. Add some gel for extra hold. 

4. Separate the section into two equal pieces.

5. Twist each piece tightly in the same direction. 

6. Cross the twisted pieces, and twist them together in the opposite direction. (Sounds tricky, but once you do a few, it's very easy) The twists should stick together beautifully without bands or clips. (The magic of really curly hair!)

Viola! Beautiful bouncy healthy hair!

PS: Sometimes pieces will come untwisted. No worries, just wet them a bit, add some gel and re-twist.

PPS. Once the style is looking done, or you are ready to move on, untwist the double strands gently, and moisturize the single twists. You'll have 1-2 days of a gorgeous head of "twist-outs". Then you can wash and detangle and re-style in another way!

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