Sunday, October 12, 2014

um... wait, it's October?!


I assume you have all read this clever piece: Guy Apologizes for Not Writing his Blog

So in the interests of not being ridiculous I will NOT apologize, because really the world doesn't NEED to know everything our family did in September, or all the thoughts swirling in my little head, but... I'm sorry.  Somehow the act of sitting down to write became impossible the last few weeks. It's nearly impossible right now, as I am watching the oven and fielding requests for milk and I should probably be frying eggs... but, I miss writing. The thoughts in my head start swirling too fast and I can't catch any of them unless I sit down with my fingers hovered over the keypad.

So my head has been spinning quite a lot this last month. September is always exhausting for teachers and moms. I'm both, so it's not unusual for my husband to come home, and 5 minutes later find me face down on my bed sound asleep. It's pretty rough: new students, new schedules, soccer practice, ballet classes, Homework, making dinner, commuting, getting uniforms out, ohmygoodness how do we have no warm jackets?!, ohmygoodness how did you grow out of all your shoes in one week!?... The slowness of summer disappears in an instant, to be replaced by rush-rush-rush-we're late-let's go go go!!!

This year September continued into October, and I'm still waiting for the Fall slowness to appear. There is usually a little lull between the start of the school year and the Holidays. So far, it has not appeared. Maybe it doesn't exist at all. Maybe it's just an illusion brought on by a year's length of memory. Like how when I look at photos of Daniel and Lily so young and round cheeked in their first year home with us and we all look so happy and in love and thrilled to be together. And I think... awwww... look how little and cute they are! And I've forgotten how terrifying and exhausting it all was.

July, 2011

July 2014

So I guess what I'm learning is: Life moves really really fast. Life with small children moves at lightening speed. If you don't sit down once and a while to record it, woooosh! It's gone. 

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