Tuesday, December 10, 2013

We need a little Christmas...

right this very minute!

This weekend I decided we really, really needed a little Christmas. The children were revolting at my musical selections. (They are not fans of Holiday Hits.)  Advent candle lighting was marred by a lack of matches and also a time out for (yelling? hitting? pushing? I can't remember. Something un-sacred)  I was starting to wish it would just be January already.  Our Christmas boxes are, of course, hidden away behind our construction site/basement. And probably covered with dust and (ohmygod please not!) maybe crushed beneath a pile of debris.


I sat down and cut out a pile of snowflakes. It actually started snowing outside while I worked. Big, fat slow flakes falling out the window.  Just exactly like a Christmas card.

I hung up all the paper flakes in our newly installed, but not quite finished and framed windows (ohmygoodness it is DRAFTY in this house right now!)  A single garland of white lights and viola! Christmas!

It may be drafty. It may be dusty. It may be that we are STILL eating off of paper plates* and eating lots of take out. But, we are trying for hope and peace and light.

Come, Christmas, come.

* Every time I complain about our current renovations I think almost immediately of how lucky and blessed we are to have a safe home and food to eat and money to throw away spend on making our house the way we want it.  It's a vicious little mental hamster wheel I'm running on: "Ugh! renovation is so stressful! Shut up you are luckier than most people silly woman! Ugh! WHEN?! is my new kitchen going to be done! shut up... " and on and on.  Really I need to step off the wheel because it is. going. nowhere.

Come, Christmas. Come.

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