Wednesday, January 2, 2013

sometimes he's smarter than I am...

Lily at 18 months helping me "organize" the tupperware. Check out the expression of pure glee on her face.

Lily has been going through a phase. A Phase. Not wanting to sleep in her own bed is part of it, but also there is a general clingy-ness and an inability to allow me to go into another room or part of a room without her.  She wants to sit on my lap for all meals, and I better not try to go to the bathroom without her!

This is (I hope understandably) annoying.  Sometimes I'd rather have my lap and my toilet to myself, thank you very much.

Tonight at dinner after trying to convince a hysterical Lily to sit in her own chair with was thisclose to my own I threw up my hands and said to Daniel, "Ach! Why is she doing this?!"

To which he answered, calmly. "I guess she's fallen in love with you."


My son, the attachment expert, puts me to shame.

Of course. Lily has been home about 18 months.  18 month old babies follow their mommies around like little ducklings. My 18 month baby didn't, because she still hadn't learned that I was her mama.  But now Lily, just a few months shy of 3, is acting her age. Her family age. Of course. Well, come along little duckling, here we go!

* Family age= length of time the child has been in the family, irregardless of how old they are. Both my children are 18 months old in family time. 

2 1/2 year old Lily, pondering the awesomeness of froggies.

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